Test – Review – CLYW Kayak (English version)

There’s nothing better than a CLYW Yo-Yo. Except maybe another new one…

Shoot, CLYW released a new Y-oYo and I didn’t find out…

Well that says a lot about you because they have been talking about the Kayak for a few months now. If you didn’t know about it, you probably haven’t been very active on social media..Gotta catch up.

Alright, alright you don’t have to be like that with me. So what is so special about this Yo-Yo?

What’s so special about it? Ok I can already tell you are not up to date. Go get a notebook and start taking notes. This CLYW Kayak is the new Signature model for Yuuki Spencer. I’m guessing you know who Yuuki is, the World Yo-Yo Champion in 2007 and the winner of many tournaments since then.

CLYW Kayak

It looks pretty sweet. Was Yuuki a part of the design process?

You bet he was. At first glance, I admit that the Kayak might look like other CLYW Yo-Yos but in play is where you start to notice the radically new tact the boys at CLYW have designed for this new Yo-Yo. Keep in mind Yuuki Spencer’s playing style is fast and technical and so what could be better than a Yo-Yo that meets these demands? Don’t you think?

Go more in depth about the Kayak.

Sure, I could probably go for hours but I’m guessing you want me to tell you what’s most important. First of all, this is a low-cost in CLYW’s lineup. Do you remember the Manatee or Compass? They were the first in this price range but they were so good that the boys at CLYW decided to give us more of these options. These are Yo-Yos with Premium characteristics at a more reasonable price for the general public. In my opinion, it is one of the best options you can buy in this price range. Obviously if you want a more radical CLYW, there are other more radical models.

CLYW Kayak

Alright, alright, I understand, but I already have many CLYW’s in my collection. What will be different about this one?

Well, I don’t really know what other CLYW’s you own but I can assure you I have tried many other CLYW’s and the tact of this one is not like any other. Or is it… The Kayak has slight similarities to the Puffin 2, not in design but in tact. Both Yo-Yos feel very light and fast and are about the same size. They might be the fastest CLYW models I have tried, without counting the Bi-metals which are on another level.

CLYW Kayak

Not a bad start… It seems like there are only positive things to say.

For sure. Like I was saying at first, it is one of the best options you can find right now.

I have an important question. Is the Kayak improvable?

Well, it depends on how you want to look at it. The Kayak is a Yo-Yo with an unbeatable finish. If you mean design, I would not touch anything. I repeat, it is Yuuki Spencer’s signature model and he was part of the process to make its design. I think it would be ridiculous to say you would want to modify it, a Yo-Yo made to his taste.

CLYW Kayak

I didn’t mean that, I just meant if the pieces could be improved.

Oh ok then. You should have said that…keep in mind the boys at CLYW know how to equip a Yo-Yo really well for high performance and for an incredibly enjoyable experience. But, yes, it is of course improvable if you want to do that.

The Kayak comes with a 10 ball stainless steel Pixel Bearing and the awesome Snow Tire response system all CLYW Yo-Yos come with which can be replaced with new ones as they are sold separately. To answer your question, obviously there are Premium parts on the market for clients like you who always want the best performance possible. In terms of bearings, honestly the best option you can choose from is the YoYoRecreation NSK Micro DS Size C as it will fit perfectly in your Kayak. The response system can always be replaced by a liquid silicone Motorsil D which you will have to apply yourself.

Honestly, I have yet to try the Kayak with these improved parts as I have only tried it as it comes. I can imagine the result must be incredible. You will win lots of points with it.

Talk price.

Of course, this is one of the most important aspects you will notice when buying it. The Kayak is retailed at 79 Euros on the low ends which are the ‘Solid Black’ and ‘Mystic Blue’. The fade versions come in at just 5€ more.

CLYW Kayak

Wait a second, what is that whole ‘Fade’ thing?

Fade? Hahaha that’s funny, just use your imagination. The finishes on the Fade editions are the finishes CLYW has invested in and we have already seen in earlier models to the Kayak. Not only that, other brands have started doing the same with their Yo-Yos.

Are you telling me that I won’t see anymore CLYW splash colors?

I am no fortune teller, maybe you should ask the boys at CLYW. For now, it looks like the boys are investing in these new and original finishes that look so good. You know how this little world is, be fresh or die. If I am honest with you, the Splash finishes were way too used at this point. I was also waiting for new color techniques and finishes than those we were used to. I like the Fade finishes and I think they are original. CLYW has understood the demand of the new public that always wants new things.

CLYW Kayak

Good point. What’s the final verdict?

That is a good and difficult question. We can all have many opinions just like we can have many tastes. However, I am sure we will agree that the CLYW Kayak is just great. After playing with it for a while, you will realize that the boys at CLYW have worked hard on the design and of course working with Yuuki Spencer, who knows exactly what a Yo-Yo needs for maximum performance, is the cherry on the cake.

I also think the Kayak is coming at a perfect time. As you already know there are many models with the same characteristics right now. Although the Kayak might look physically normal, when you start playing you realize it unbeatable. Unbeatable because of its quality. Unbeatable because of its price. And unbeatable because of its parts. Perfection doesn’t exist my friend, but this is pretty close.

Sounds good. I will look on LaTiendaDelYoYo.com to choose mine and enjoy it soon.

That is what I wanted to hear. I am sure it will not let you down. The Kayak is brutal. I will talk to you next week so you can give me your verdict.

CLYW Kayak

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