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Well, well, well, what do we have here? This is the latest news that has come out of the factory One Drop and is still smoking. I’m talking about the new Kraken, the ‘Great’ One Drop Yo-Yo, literal, because it is 60mm in diameter and 45mm wide …

They look like good numbers to start the year, right?

I think so. At One Drop they wanted to do something different from everything they had been doing for a few months and even a few years ago. The Kraken is the biggest Yo-Yo that One Drop has ever made, and these guys, I have to admit they have done a fascinating job.

At first glance, 65 grams may seem like many, but remember your math classes at school when you studied the rules of three. If we want to make a bigger Yo-Yo, we need more weight to get the result equivalent to a very light Yo-Yo, right? It’s an easy calculation. And this Kraken with 60 mm and 65 grams are the most perfect combination we have tried in a long, long time.

Are not you exaggerating a little?

Not an iota. It is true that there are not many Yo-Yos with these characteristics in the market. Large diameter and light weight for a fast and stable game and perhaps for this reason we have been surprised both the good result on the string of this One Drop Kraken.

What weapons are those of this Yo-Yo to make it so special, then?

I’ve just told you.

2016 was a year plagued by new Yo-Yos Bi-Metals, a new fashion in the Yo-Yos style of high-performance that was joined by virtually all brands except one, Guess which? Indeed. One Drop reserved a new idea, a new concept that maybe the rest of manufacturers will take the floor and possibly see in this 2017 more big Yo-Yos like this Kraken and that really feel as fluid as any other smaller . It is very possible that the One Drop Kraken is the first of a new era in the Yo-Yo world.

One Drop Kraken

Very well, the truth.

And that I have not yet told you how it respond during the game …The Kraken is a beast, as soon as I played it for the first time I knew that in addition to wanting one for me, I was playing with a Yo-Yo really different to everything I had tried previously from One Drop. Personally I consider myself a fan of One Drop, you know, the accuracy of their Yo-Yos is absolute, they are authentic pieces of precision supervised one by one by authentic experts throughout the manufacturing process, and players like me love to see how referents in the Industry are getting more and more overcome with ‘almost’ unbeatable Yo-Yos. To return to the subject, the Kraken is a S-U-P-E-R-Y-O-Y-O , of the truth. It feels light, although it seems to the contrary, very ‘flotable’, is very easy to play, and is excessively comfortable at all times. The guys at One Drop have not left anything off the plate. If you are going to ask me to rate this Yo-Yo according to its characteristics as the most suitable for a style of play, do not do it, you will put me in a very compromised situation. You see, the Kraken is suitable for almost any style of play. I mean, have the style of play you have, I’m sure the Kraken will fit with you. Here in the office we are many with different styles and we all agree on one word: «Wonderful». Coincidence? I do not think so…

One Drop Kraken

How is that possible?

I do not know, maybe you should ask the guys at One Drop, they’ve been the creators of this wonder. But there is a clear thing, when you have it in your hands you will perfectly understand these words.

Okay, tell me something else about it …

Perhaps there is one more fact that you should know although you have already been able to observe it by your own means. Kraken does not incorporate Side Effects. Here the purists have already begun to overwhelm … Well no, nothing wrong, but quite the opposite. One Drop wanted to guarantee maximum stability in this Yo-Yo. An aggressive design and able to spread the weight out eliminating any milligram of unnecessary weight in the center, even lowering the thickness of the internal faces of Yo-Yo has achieved its ultimate goal.

Well, boredom …

Boredom of what? Do not get confused, did you follow the thread of the conversation or were you on another topic all this time? To what it was, after trying the new One Drop Kraken I realized that it is an option more than recommendable and more usable for the day to day!

One Drop Kraken

I’m going to find out … Tell me the price.

I see you’re liking it, not for less. One Drop as well as what we are used to, has presented a wide range of color possibilities for the new Kraken. Nothing more and nothing less than 15 different combinations! It’s to go crazy. The most basic of all is the solid blue that can be yours for 64 € while you will have access to the rest of the range for 78 €, including the nice Nickel Plated of which I am unconditional fan and that by the way, I have already gone through box for To stay with one, I’m sorry, I could not avoid it …

Well, I do not think it’s a scandalous price.

Nothing is. I do not know if you know that in 2016 One Drop announced a range of Yo-Yos more economical but with the same high performances as all the One Drop. I’m talking about Yo-Yos like the Gauntlet, Top Deck or Vanguard, even the peculiar Marquis you surely remember, and undoubtedly this Kraken is also now among them. Before you draw your own conclusions, let me repeat that this ‘average’ range of which I speak is based on price, not quality. One Drop is always 10 quality, the best on the market, but it is true that due to the abundance of Yo-Yos at a very high cost, these guys wanted to offer you the same benefits in Yo-Yos cheaper than the rest, and this detail will be something Thank you over time, because Yo-Yos like this Kraken have nothing to envy the rest.

But not everything can be so good, are you sure you do not leave something?

Hmmm, let me think about it. Well, maybe you want me to tell you what’s inside. The Kraken comes equipped with the standard One Drop 10 Ball Size C and Stainless Steel bearing and the Flow Groove Pads in the response system. If you are a freak like me, surely you always want more performance in your Kraken than you already have, so attentive, with this little advice you will get a better touch on your Kraken. You can modify your response system with the liquid silicone Motorsil D that will give you a different and addictive sensation every time you bind and release the Yo-Yo, if you have not already tried it on any other Yo-Yo I do not know what you are waiting for. And if you are looking for better turning and stabilization times, do not hesitate, the best bearing you can try on a Yo-Yo is the YoYoRecreation NSK Micro DS.

One Drop Kraken

I think now the hardest thing is to choose color …

Maybe yes. Sit at the computer and take your time …



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