Augie Fash a Duncan!!!

Poco ha durado el bueno de Augie Fash en C3yoyodesign. Aunque yo lo entiendo, ha cambiado ser un jugador de equipo por tener un trabajo «serio»: coordinador de ventas y marketing de Duncan a nivel nacional. Creo que es una gran responsabilidad y a la vez supone madurar y empezad a «vivir como un adulto». Desde aquí mi más sincera enhorabuena.

«I am a California boy, born and raised.

I love Mexican food, sunshine, and long drives on open road. This place is very much a part of my identity and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have been in Chico nine years now, and it is my home. I have roots here and I have friends so good that they really should be called family.
My best friend of 23 years lives here with his family. He and his wife have a beautiful 2 year old. She already knows my name and she will scream it as she comes out running. My mom and brother are nearby and they visit me often.

I am glad this is my home and I know it will hurt to leave.

Many years ago, my grandpa came out west by hopping onto an empty train car.

It seems only fitting that I’ll be heading back east, passing through the city where his journey started.

I am a little timid of moving, but my family has always had traveling in their blood. We have odometers, commemorative magnets, and passport stamps to prove it. This gives me confidence.

Sixteen years ago, I started playing yo-yo. It has taken me all over the world, but I honestly never thought it could turn into a career.

The first yo-yo team I ever applied to be on was Duncan. Back then, I was 13 years old, pretty geeky, and I yoyoed much faster than my body could keep up with. The Freehand One was my favorite yoyo, and I used it so much that the logos wore off the side. I had a lot of heart, but I still wasn’t very good. Duncan rejected me kindly, and I went on to work for other yo-yo manufacturers.

But tomorrow, I pack a UHaul bound for Cleveland. It’s now ten years later, I’m a bit better at yo-yo, and I am about to go put on a red shirt and work for Duncan.

They are the oldest and arguably the biggest yo-yo company in the world. But, more important to me, they are the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

I have a long drive ahead of me and I can’t wait.»

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Author: alfredomascali

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